Our Immigration
Attorneys' Philosophy

At American Immigration Law Group, we take pride in our work and strive to develop and keep a diversified and extremely loyal base of local, national and international clients. We treat every client equally, irrespective of their size, and give personal attention to their needs to make them very satisfied clients. We deliver quantifiable results and practical solutions.

Whether it’s a private business, a public undertaking or an individual, our immigration attorneys understand that the most important issue to the client is their legal matter. We acknowledge this and approach the legal matter from the perspective of a solutions provider and try to come up with the best strategy and solution possible by setting realistic expectations. We then work harder to exceed these expectations.

Practice Areas

We have years of experience in the niche area of U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law, making us a leader in the fields of:

Our attorneys not only keep themselves abreast with new developments in these areas of immigration law but also take leading roles in creating awareness in the legal community.

Practical Immigration Solutions

We know that legal processes can be tardy, which not only frustrates clients but the attorney too. We understand this and make sure to remove as much delay as possible at our end by being responsive to the administrative units such as USCIS, DOL and EOIR federal courts, and most of all our clients.

We keep regular and clear communications with our clients, and keep them updated about the status of their legal matters. We think through all necessary contingencies and options before coming up with realistic timelines and strategies to avoid any surprises. This helps us in not only delivering practical solutions, but also making friends out of satisfied clients.

Immigration Attorneys

Caitlin M. O’Connor

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Keerti Malik

Legal Manager

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Yocasta Quinonez

Law Firm Administrator

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Legal Support Executive

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Legal Support Executive

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Ayushi Yadav


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Suman Phogat

Administrative Assistant

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