Legal Solutions for Your Immigration Matters

For over a decade (over 25 years of total attorney experience), the American Immigration Law Group has handled cases involving different areas of immigration law. Whether you want to obtain a green card, hire non-US employees, or are dealing with any other immigration matter, we have the resources and experience to walk you through the process.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers You Can Trust

At American Immigration Law Group, we understand your needs. Going through this process without an immigration attorney is challenging and only complicates it.

Benefits of Working With an Immigration Attorney:

A Wide Range of Immigration Cases.

As an immigration law firm that has a staff with over 25 years of total experience, we have worked with people in a wide range of situations. We’ve helped employers expand their diverse workforce, families reunite, and individuals avoid deportation.

Whatever your immigration matter is, we have the resources to pursue a positive outcome.

We’re Dedicated to Immigration Law.

Our firm focuses on one area, U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law. Although some firms may offer immigration legal services, they may not dedicate their whole firm’s resources to immigration.

With a legal team dedicated only to your immigration needs, we offer a unique experience.

We Guide You Through the Immigration Process.

The American immigration process can be long and discouraging. However, our immigration attorneys have guided clients through this process from our office in St. Louis for years. We’ll help you find out if you’re eligible for citizenship, file the correct applications and forms, and prepare you for other steps in the immigration process.

We won’t leave your side, and we will keep you informed at every step.

We Bring Compassion & Understanding.

When you’re adding employees to your diverse workforce, trying to bring your family to the U.S., or facing deportation, you need someone who’s been in your shoes. Some of our attorneys are immigrants — you'll benefit from their personal experience and the practical knowledge to deal with the immigration process.

Our multi-lingual firm will listen to your story and help with your specific needs.

Overview of U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law

The Immigration and Nationality Act established the foundation for immigration law in the U.S. These immigration laws are centered around the principles of reuniting families, benefiting the U.S. economy, and providing safety for refugees. If you’re having an issue, our immigration attorneys can explain your rights and help achieve your goals.