Legal Solutions for Immigration Issues

At the American Immigration Law Group, we focus entirely on immigration and citizenship law. Our mission is to remove the complex and frustrating barriers to help you enter or remain in the United States.

Our Indianapolis immigration lawyers help you understand the process and avoid complications. As immigrants ourselves, we are with you each step of the way to answer your questions and provide legal guidance.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers You Can Trust

Unlike other law practices, the American Immigration Law Group focuses on immigration laws and policies. We communicate with state and federal immigration agencies every day because you deserve every advantage in your quest to work, study, and live in the U.S.

Attorney Benefits:

A Wide Range of Immigration Cases.

Immigration cases are varied and complex. Our Indianapolis attorneys help you pursue a positive outcome for your specific needs.

Let us put our top-notch legal skills to work for you.

We're Dedicated to Immigration Law.

Our in-depth knowledge of immigration laws helps you make informed decisions. Deciding to pursue the path to citizenship or expand your workforce is easier when you have a dedicated immigration attorney by your side.

Our legal team is passionate about helping clients achieve their immigration goals.

We Guide You Through the American Immigration Process.

From getting the first visa to taking the oath of citizenship, the immigration process requires grit and determination. Let us take this journey with you and help you avoid potential legal problems.

You receive honest advice and constant updates about your case.

We Bring Compassion & Understanding to Your Case.

Many of our Indiana lawyers have traveled the same path as you and millions of other immigrants. We gladly share our personal stories along with our experienced legal counsel.

Our legal team is fluent in many world languages, so you never feel alone or isolated.

Overview of U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law

The Immigration and Nationality Act established the foundation for immigration law in the U.S. These immigration laws are centered around reuniting families, benefiting the U.S. economy, and providing safety for refugees. Let our immigration attorneys explain your rights and help achieve your immigration goals.