Employment Immigration

What Type of Visa Is Right for Your St. Louis Business?

Whatever your industry or employment needs, the American Immigration Law Group helps you obtain the correct work visas. We evaluate your needs and inform you of U.S. immigration laws. Our business immigration lawyers walk you through the process, from application to labor certification.

Permanent Work Visas

We’ll simplify the process for obtaining permanent residence status in all five visa categories. Each category is specific to the type of worker and includes the following:

  • EB-1 – Non-citizens of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational managers or executives.
  • EB-2 – Foreign nationals with exceptional ability or those holding advanced degrees.
  • EB-3 – Craftspeople, professionals, and other types of skilled workers.
  • EB-4 – Special immigrants like religious workers, broadcasters, and other types of workers.
  • EB-5 – Investors bringing capital to the United States that can apply for a Green Card.

Temporary Work Visas

Our business employment lawyers ensure you meet your temporary staffing needs. Let us help you secure visas in the following categories:

Legal Solutions for Business Worksite Compliance 

Our work visa lawyers help businesses in St. Louis get the workers they need. We also keep your workplace in compliance with U.S. and Missouri laws. Retain employees and avoid penalties and fines with help from the American Immigration Law Group.

Employee Visas Post Mergers & Acquisitions

A business immigration lawyer can assess your new merger or acquisition and develop the best course of action on immigration policies. Corporate restructuring and foreign investors may have consequences that our experienced attorneys can help you avoid.

Without proper guidance during a merger or acquisition, employers might not consider how an employee’s immigration status might have changed during a transaction. Let our employment immigration lawyers protect your assets and workforce from potential violations.

LCA / Public Access File Compliance

A “public access file” must be retained for each employee in H-1B status. Employers need to set up the public access file for the candidate. They must keep a copy of the required records for one year starting on the last day that any H-1B visa holder is employed.

A corporate immigration attorney ensures that your public access files are correct and up to date. We help you avoid Department of Labor investigations, civil and administrative penalties, payment of back wages, and disbarment from participation in critical immigration programs.

E-Verify Help for St. Louis Businesses

E-Verify is a free, Internet-based program operated by the U.S. federal government. The program compares an employee’s Form I-9 to U.S. government records. If the information matches, that employee can work in the United States.

If there’s a difference, E-Verify alerts the employer. The employee can work while the problem is resolved within eight days.

Although the E-Verify program helps businesses avoid legal errors, enrollment is not always mandatory. Working with an experienced business immigration lawyer gives you peace of mind that your employees satisfy federal guidelines.

I-9 Immigration Compliance

All U.S. employers must complete an I-9 form every time they hire a new employee, regardless of whether the new hire is a citizen or non-citizen. Likewise, all employees must complete an I-9 form. This form verifies the identity and authorization of employees. A St. Louis business immigration attorney informs you of your legal obligations and ensures you complete these required forms correctly.

ICE IMAGE Program Compliance

The Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) program helps prevent undocumented non-citizens from unlawfully acquiring jobs in the United States. This program educates employers on proper hiring procedures to prevent unauthorized employment.

We’ll inform you of the many requirements for those seeking certification in IMAGE and make sure you know what to expect.