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Skillful St. Louis Attorneys Guide Clients Through the Naturalization Process

Accomplished law firm with offices in Missouri and California helps immigrants become U.S. citizens

Deciding to become a citizen of the United States is a pivotal decision, involving a profound commitment for both the individual and their new country. Accordingly, Congress has established detailed rules for people who seek the full benefits of American citizenship through naturalization. For more than a decade, the attorneys of Law Offices of Vivek Malik have guided clients through each step of this process. From our offices in Missouri and California, we ensure that aspiring citizens have the information they need up front so that their path to citizenship is as smooth as possible and devoid of unpleasant surprises once naturalization proceedings have begun.

Knowledgeable lawyers advise aspiring Americans on legal tests

Even though the application for becoming a U.S. citizen may appear simple, there are many issues that, if not handled correctly, could lead to the application being denied or a loss of permanent residence. We have spent more than a decade counseling naturalization applicants and guiding them through the process by addressing requirements such as:

  • Residency — You must have lived in the United States for at least half of the previous five-year period and must not have spent more than one continuous year outside the country.
  • Moral character — Immigration laws prohibit someone from become a naturalized American if they fail to demonstrate “good moral character.” This specifically excludes individuals who have committed serious criminal offenses, those who are habitual substance abusers, and people who have lied during the naturalization process. If you believe that you might be targeted due to an alleged moral character issue, we will develop an effective strategy to ensure that you are not being unfairly treated.
  • Knowledge of language and civics — Using the study materials issued by USCIS, we help clients prepare for questions on the citizenship test that measure applicants’ knowledge of the English language and American government. If age or a disability prevents you from meeting these requirements, our attorneys can seek an exemption on your behalf.

The assistance of a strong immigration lawyer can give you the best chance at a smooth path to citizenship. Our offices in St.Louis, Missouri, and Fresno, California, provide a free initial consultation to help get you started.

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Law Offices of Vivek Malik represents clients seeking to become naturalized citizens as well as people who need help in other immigration matters. Please call 314-722-5247 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our offices are in St. Louis, Missouri, and Fresno, California.