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L-1 Visa

What Is an L-1 Visa?

The L-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa, which allows foreign nationals working in foreign or multinational companies to enter into the U.S. to manage a multinational organization or a major function or division of any related organization. The work done in the U.S. must be in a managerial, executive, or key employee position.

Who qualifies for an L-1 visa?

To qualify for the L-1 visa, first of all the U.S. company you are being transferred to must be a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate partner with your previous non-U.S. employer. Also, the manner of your employment in the U.S. must be as a manager, executive, or an employee with exceptional skills and abilities.

What are the benefits of applying under this visa category?

An advantage of the L-1 visa over work visas like H-1B is that it does not require any specific educational background. Another advantage is that your dependents are able to obtain work authorization. Employers on a tight budget can also be assured that they are not required to pay the worker prevailing wage. Also L-1 visas are available year-round and are not subject to cap.

How can an attorney help in this process?

L-1 visa petitions are one of the most complicated visa petitions to correctly document. A professional understanding of the legal definitions relating to the U.S. organization and the candidate is vital in order to prepare an effective case. First-hand knowledge of what the immigration service expects to receive from the petitioner is essential to a successful petition.

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